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The pleasure of hosting people and making them enjoy the other treasure of our territory: the culinary one..

Agriturismo La Tosa

A culinary offer typically from Piacenza

The cuisine follows the ancient recipes of the tradition with attentive research in the ingredients. Fruit and vegetables are grown directly in our vegetable garden and fruit orchard; the rest of the products, from the salami to the meat, come from farmers and breeders of Val Nure. Now all that remains is for you to taste our menu.


The three DOP cured meats of Piacenza - coppa, salami and pancetta – accompanied by the flavourful and incomparable Mariola, Slow Food presidium, the unfailing torta fritta (fried cake) and the mixed pickled vegetables.

First courses

The highlight of our menu is the pasta prepared by our affectionate “sfogline” (pasta makers), Maria and Maristella. Besides traditional tortelli with plait closure, a medieval recipe conceived in the same Vigolzone, we serve the classic pisarei e fasò, maccheroni all’ago alla bobbiese, the pin of Val Nure, the anolini in broth and panzerotti of Piacenza.

Second courses

A delight for the palate. Roast coppa, roast beef cooked in Gutturnio, veal pocket. As sides, we serve potatoes or salad grown directly in our vegetable garden.


Prepare to top your taste experience. Fig cake (picked directly from our plants), which is also a DOC product of Vigolzone, latte in piedi (local variation of panna cotta), chocolate cake and ricotta semifreddo.

Since 1988, the joy of allowing people to discover aromas and flavours.

Genuine ingredients, respect for the historical authenticity, farm-to-table product. Specific menu for children, vegetarians, allergy sufferers or celiac sufferers.