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For us to produce wine is not so much a creative act but an interpretative one. Its soul and characteristics are already written in the book of nature, and the pages are pieces of its territory. It is up to us to leaf through them to find the right one, and then reflect it, and finally interpret it.

la biblioteca sul vino

Divulge knowledge on the specification

It is 1988 when the Pizzamiglio family begins to gather manuals and documents on winemaking, materialising the intention of divulging their knowledge: this results in the library set up inside the museum, one of the very few in Italy on the topic.  

The bibliography ranges from the 1300s to the 1900s and includes volumes of varying nature.

carrozza di campagna 1890

Winemaking culture.

Space for the comings and goings of students busy preparing their degree dissertations, destination of authors engaged in putting together manuals on wine history: the library welcomes flows of visitors who share the intent of gaining more knowledge on the winemaking world, an intent which we are happy to support, as demonstrated by the publication of the so-called “Journals of the Museum”.